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Lynx Lake bis Jim Lake
bis Hanbury/Thelon
bis zu den Großen Seen
die großen Seen
bis Baker Lake

Lynx Lake bis Jim Lake
bis Hanbury/Thelon
bis zu den großen Seen
die großen Seen
bis Baker Lake


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Reisekosten für die Tour mit 3 Teilnehmern    english version

Der Preis für die Linienflüge: 2050 €/Person zuzüglich 120 €/Person Gebühren für Übergepäck
Einflug mit Air Tindi von Yellowknife zum Lynx-Lake: 950 €/Person
Hotel in Yellowknife für 3 Tage: 170 €/Person ohne Frühstück
Mietwagen in Yellowknife für 3 Tage: 60 €/Person
Lebensmittel für die Tour: 350 €/Person
Hotel in Baker Lake für 6 Tage: 800 €/Person ohne Frühstück - es waren eigentlich nur 3 Tage geplant
Geld für die ersten 3 Tage in Yellowknife und für ein paar Tage in Baker Lake: 400 €/Person
Ergänzen der Ausrüstung für die Tour: mehr als man denkt !!!!


10. Juli 2006: Frankfurt - Calgary mit Air Canada
14.20 Uhr - 16.05 Uhr

10. Juli 2006: Calgary - Yellowknife mit Canadian North
18.10 Uhr - 21.04 Uhr

Seperat zu buchender Einflug von Yellowknife zum Lynx-Lake

07. September 2006: Baker Lake - Winnipeg über Rankin Inlet, Arviat und Churchill mit Calm Air
08.00 Uhr - 13.15 Uhr

08. September 2006: Winnipeg - Toronto mit Air Canada
17.30 Uhr - 20.52 Uhr

07. September 2006: Toronto - Frankfurt mit Air Canada
22.00 Uhr - 11.50 Uhr am 08. September

Ula hat dafür gesorgt, dass alle Flüge durchgebucht sind. Das heißt, das Gepäckgewicht, welches auf dem Atlantikflug akzeptiert wird, muß auch von den anderen Fluggesellschaften ohne Aufpreis mitgenommen werden. Oder anders, wenn wir unser Übergepäck für den Atlantikflug bezahlt haben, werden wir nicht weitere Male von den anderen Fluggesellschaften zur Kasse gebeten.

Bezüglich des Gepäcks haben wir von Air Canada folgende Antwort bekommen:
Freigepäck 2 Gepäckstücke a 23 kg - das ist die offiziell erlaubte Menge. Bei Gewicht bis 32 kg werden pauschal je Stück 25 Euro berechnet. Hat man (wir?) dann noch ein drittes Gepäckstück kostet das bis 23 kg 125 Euro und bis 32 kg Gewicht 150 Euro. Alle Gepäckstücke dürfen 158 cm (aufadierte Länge + Höhe + Breite) möglichst nicht überschreiten.
Alles bis 3 Gepäckstücke muss noch nicht einmal angemeldet werden , was drüber hinaus gehen würde ja.

Kosten des Charterfluges von Yellowknife zum Lynx Lake

Angebot von Air Tindi für 4 Personen:
Yellowknife to Lynx Lake, Thelon drop off
Cessna Caravan - total payload allowed including people and gear: 1550 Ibs or 704 Kg.
CAN$ 3950
Cessna Caravan - total payload allowed including people and gear: 1950 Ibs or 886 Kg.
CAN$ 4500

Angebot von Expedition Plus:
Dear Ula;

Never before has paddling the Thelon River been so cost-effective, or culturally diverse! We are proud to announce that Expeditions Plus has recently moved our main base of operations and equipment rental store from Yellowknife to the Chipewyan Dene' village of Lutsel K'e (formerly Snowdrift), located on the Eastern Arm of Great Slave Lake. This move has been initiated for a number of reasons: it reduces the charter air charter distances by 120 miles or more for access the Thelon country, thus dramatically reducing charter costs. The move to Lutsel K'e will also put us in an ideal position to service the now being formed East Arm National Park, which is soon destined to become the largest National Park in Canada. Lutsel K'e is serviced daily by scheduled flights from Yellowknife, NT.

On the other end of the Thelon, we have worked out for Baker Lake Inuit to travel by boat upriver to above Beverly Lake to pick up paddlers, while leaving the canoes and rental equipment behind! Participants then will travel with the Inuit by powerboat for two-three days through the big lakes of Beverly, Aberdeen and Shultz to the Inuit village of Baker Lake, thus seeing the Thelon River through to its end. Special arrangements have been set up with the local air carriers for cost effective one-way air tickets from Baker Lake to Rankin Inlet, and then out to either Winnipeg or back to Yellowknife. This method saves thousands of dollars from being picked up by charter aircraft from Yellowknife.

For those that cannot afford the extra three days needed for the Inuit boat pick-up at Thelon Bluffs, or for those finished the paddling portion of their trips prior to August 1st each year, we have set up an alternate arrangement for a local Baker Lake aircraft on wheels to pick up as many as eight people and fly them out to Baker Lake - still saving thousands of dollars below Yellowknife air charter pick-ups! We have quoted using both scenarios for your group.

*The cost for four persons with #400 lbs. gear starting at East Lynx Lake from Lutsel K'e, to end at Thelon Bluffs, with Inuit boat pick-up out to Baker Lake is $6,650.00 CDN including GST, or $1,662.00 CDN per person.

*The cost for four persons with #400 lbs. gear starting at East Lynx Lake from Lutsel K'e, to Beverly Lake - with aircraft pick-up out to Baker Lake is $9,350.00 CDN including GST, or $2,337.50 CDN per person.

However, The most cost effective full Thelon trip, which costs $6,203.00 CDN including GST, or $1,150.00 CDN per person, is to start at our wildlife camp on Whitefish Lake, paddle down Lynx Lake, and end thirty five days later at Thelon Bluffs - about 17 km upstream from Beverly Lake. We choose to use Thelon Bluffs as the water is deeper and much more protected for float-aircraft. Should you instead opt for an air pick-up from Baker Lake rather than a boat pick-up, then you would instead paddle out to Hoare Point at the Inlet of Beverly Lake. If ice allows, you can arrange a boat tow from our camp on Whitefish to the outlet of Lynx Lake for 250.00 per person.

The rates include airport pick-ups and ground transfers in Yellowknife & Lutsel K'e; assistance with your logistical trip planning, 218 airmile drop-off charter flight from Lutsel K'e NWT to Wardens Grove, four Old Town Discovery canoe with three quality paddles, painters & a bailer in each; Inuit boat pick-up at Thelon Bluffs to Baker Lake; or the 170 mile pick-up charter flight from Beverly Lake to Baker Lake, all charter aircraft fuel surcharges & Navcom fees, plus assistance with your RCMP trip filing and cancellation.

We require a non-refundable deposit of 50% down of the total trip cost to secure the charters and rentals; with the balance due 30 days prior to departure. Our quote is firm for ten days of the date of this letter regardless of fluctuating fuel/charter prices once secured with a deposit. After that time, you will need to contact us again for re-quote.

For your additional information, the cost of flying one-way from Yellowknife to Lutsel K'e is $175.00 CDN per person + tax, plus an additional $1.25 per pound over #50 lbs. baggage per person (it therefore pays to rent as much of the heavy stuff as possible from our stores at Lutsel K'e, or the staging area at Whitefish Lake). The cost of one-way air tickets from Baker Lake to Rankin Inlet is $298.53 CDN including taxes. The cost of one-way tickets from Rankin Inlet back to Yellowknife is $340.26 per person including taxes. Edmonton to Yellowknife one-way: $349.00 CDN per person including taxes; Edmonton to Yellowknife round-trip: $681.95 CDN per person including taxes. First Air offers us a special open-jaw package rate from Winnipeg to Yellowknife, & return Rankin Inlet to Winnipeg for $1,145.44 CDN including taxes.

All of these rates are applicable only when purchased through us, by using our tour company codes, which we provide at the time of reservation.

As we have only limited canoes and charter space left available, you should advise of your intentions as soon as possible. Usually our prime spaces late June and July are sold out by late November for the following summer.

With Best Regards;
Expeditions Plus!
   © 2006 by Matthias Cramer •  m-cramer@t-online.de

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